Villa Chapel

Erie Times News Letter : Villa Chapel Worth Saving

Feb 19 2010

Regarding the preservation of Villa Maria Chapel: As a former Villa Maria Academy graduate, I am deeply concerned for the plight of the chapel on West Eighth Street. In all conscience, how can one conceive of destroying this piece of history? A parking lot is not an adequate substitute. Living in Southern California, I can attest that concerned citizens have come to realize the importance of old structures and have sought to save them. The idea that a parking structure would be the replacement is not only sad but also ludicrous. I work part time in the tourist office, which is located in an unused, old railroad station built in 1887. We are grateful the city in its wisdom bought it and immediately registered it with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, thus ensuring its safety from a federally funded wrecking ball. Erie needs to keep its heritage intact. Tourists and locals love to visit such places and learn about the community's past. Perhaps the city of Erie can weigh in and arrange to save this piece of history, as they have done with other sites. MARY HELD MANLEY, Oceanside, Calif.

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