Villa Chapel

Repairs are unchallenging but pricey

May 08 2007

Architect Jeff Kidder and contractor Jesse Fiske met with organizers to tour the Villa Chapel Tuesday afternoon, May 8. Walking into the jewel-box of a space, Kidder said the chapel is "not going to fall down." He said the work will be "nothing challenging" and that "fixing it is pretty straightforward." According to Kidder, there appears to be "no structural damage," but the building "needs a roof." As a child, Jesse Fiske helped his father work on the chapel. Now running the family business, Fiske estimated it would take a month to replace the roof. Kidder commented on the chapel's significance "as a piece of a larger complex" that was "built (in 1925) at the end of the traditional style" with fine materials and workmanship. Initial estimates for repairs are half a million dollars to bring the chapel back to life as a recital hall, wedding palace, or restaurant.

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